Sakura or Harley?

I only have 40 gems to drop. Which one you taking?

Obviously i wont get either but which one should I be disappointed by?



Hips dont lie!


Can’t help rapping “Shakira, Shakira” when I see this.:joy:


I rolled for Harley yesterday. Got a mythic egg. It was a snow dragon dupe. 20x Chance is a lie.


Sounds like the odds were Harley what they say they are and it was Harley worth the trouble.


That’s wierd and unlucky xD had exactly the same on excalibur egg :joy:

Makes me sick man

@RichardCheese follow the instinct.

@GMagic i just hatched my only 10 for Sakura

20x my pen15


It depends what you need. If you’re after more fire power and attack, Harley might be the way to go. But if you’re after a decent stun counter with good support, Sakura. I use Sakura but you can’t expect too much of it. The double bloodthirsty are hard to charge in PvP so you’re better off using it as support by its 2 passives

Well I did Sakura and got a Drax dupe so F this game.

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Ah sorry. Didn’t realise you’d just rolled. Unlucky :disappointed:

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Technically a leg and myth is super lucky. But #^!.*@^$(@(#^

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Yeah true. I understood all of that!

Dude I’m so sorry. I deployed my last resort this week, it’s my best suggestion going forward:

I bought a Nintendo Switch. Love that thing. It can be portable to give you a quick gaming fix anywhere, and it can be played on the big screen. It’s not a constant money drain, just a one time thing. Also you get what you pay for, you don’t just get a “20x chance” of getting what you want.


Haha no kidding! I have a switch. Love it. PMing u.

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Great minds think alike :ok_hand:

Guys I am truly sorry because the game trolled you, but honestly with 10 eggs finding whatever mythic is amazing. It was not what you wanted but as f2p you can’t pretend to have what you want with one roll.
Don’t get depressed then, even like you feel you wasted a lot of time.
I feel you guys.