Rate my team?

In order

  1. Drakozord Z
  2. Cryptblade
  3. Jawshank
  4. Redkong
  5. Geartyrant
  6. Gaiakaizer
  7. Leviazar
  8. Poseideon
  9. Lunalord
  10. Scorpionite
  11. Galvboss
  12. Wolfrozen
  13. Viridizaurus
  14. Dragaia
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There are some nice monsters but it feels like the monsters are just ‘there’ and don’t seem to have a function. I don’t know your bench but things to consider are that you need more stun protection, try to have poison massacre monsters on the field at the same time and try to have protectors, knockback monsters and stunners to support geartyrant.

Could be better rate it 1/10 lacks proper protection you have a roaring in lead and not 5th etc so it lost all value your team has zero flow either

I give those monsters 2 thumbs down, Charlie Murphy!

Pretty bad, seems like you grouped them randomly rather than properly build a team

Yeah. . . Not sure what you’re doing there.

Easy, he throw dragia with kong. 100% power.

Wait kong power connected to star level of what it threw :exploding_head:

I wish.


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