Quick q..

When you use plague more than once, does it increase or stay the same? I tried losing 3 arks with very few moves because of plague. He did get 3 ba’s and spammed it, so was wondering if it made any diffrence. :wink:

It doesn’t stack. If they use it in a row, either they’re trying to play off TU or they’re simply just not the brightest.

Ah then Octoneer have a strong plague… Made me rethink my team.

Well if ur arks are plagued and he uses it again, he’s just waiting to attack until ur arks have lower health, or until one dies.

Or what crystal said :stuck_out_tongue:

Normally, with Octoneer, I’ll plague first before doing anything so that the opponent gains the extra TU. Then I’ll attack with whatever seems necessary, or keep using plague while my other arks take out the opponents so Octoneer can survive a lot longer.