Question about duplicate monster

Hai, im new here so im gonna ask some questions. After some times passes i successfully collected 50 gem and roll the egg. But like others my luck not so great and i just get Epic only not a single SE…hmmm  :unsure: …Enough with that now the questions is:

  1. i got Nilomoth+2 from the egg roll and i in dilemma to train him…The reason for that is, if im roll the egg again and i got the Nilomoth again will it add to the Nilomoth+2(evolve) or he will add to Nilomoth+2(unevolve)?

  2. Same with the question above but different Epic monster that i got from the egg roll. The next time im roll the egg will it up the monster that already exist in my collection(either EVOLVE/UNEVOLVE).Example i has Nilo and upgrade it to Nilos and the new egg roll i got dupe of Nilo… Will it upgrade the Nilos or make a new Nilo? 

  3. It about the +9 event for the starter monster…Can someone explain me about that in detail…I cant even understand after a few post I read at this forum…

  4. Dev can u make the Ticket to be consumed after we safely entering the event like Survival of the Fittest after the fight not at the beginning of the click at the battle button…because i have experiences i few time fail to entering the event because of the unstable network even for few seconds and wasted more than 30+ Tickets and my time for waiting it…

  1. It will fuse with your Nilomoth/Nilobaron/Nilodeus and be the same state (unevolved or evolved) that your current NiloXXX has, so you can train it.

  2. It won’t create a new mon, it will fuse with your existing mon, see 1)    - the only exception to this rule are the 4 starters, because you will need many copies of them for their final evolutions

  3. Not sure which event you mean. There are 2 sidequests which come to mind.

  • Labyrinth of the Four Guardian Beasts - when you beat it, you have a 100% chance to get a new untrained copy of that starter at the first try and all the next tries will have a 60% chance. You will do this quest alot, because you will need many copies of the starters.
  • The Six Trials - if you beat this, you will get the mentioned monster, if you already have it adds a +1 up to a max of +9. Now those mons got a special rule. Normally, if you have a mon at +9 and get another copy, it will not increase anymore, but you get a potion of the same rarity to use on another mon of the same rarity. However, since you can do this quest every day, they implemented the rule, that after +9 you get NO potion, so you can stop doing this quest once all 6 mons are +9. This was done, so you cannot farm 1 potion per day.

Thanks for the info @Master Hunter…

So another question for the starter monster, can we adds +X on the them? Because i quite fond on them…hehe

Using epic bonus potions.

yup, just as Zard said, you need to use potions for the starters, however there are some things you should know about that and I just recently explained them in another thread, so I will just link you to that post:

Thanks for the explanation Zard and GorTesK…