Pvp unplayable

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Wth is this? Cant do any actions and already lost 2 pvp matches

Side note: malwing + vol looks badass


Haha … fusions >> mythics !

Lol this is awesome

Oak + cobra looks awesome


Hows cedarios

lol I have never seen this before. We will look into this issue.
Could you give us more details about how this happened?

(Dev_VKC secretly makes plans to trigger this bug on his account and enter next PvP as a troll)

I like Titanomoth with wings most of all. It’s an auto-protect that can “jump” in the way of anything.

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Dunno man, cobra wearing oak as a scarf is priceless

I was finding a match then it loaded into a match. Then suddenly it disconnect and loaded into this match with the game frozen so i cannot do any actions or even quit the game. I had to force close it @Dev_VKC