PvP Tournament beta sign up

We are excited to announce that testing of the improved pvp tournament system will begin in the near future. If you would like to participate in the exclusive beta and see whats coming soon to Evertale, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. Have access to android or an emulator (ask around)
  2. Be willing to use an account we make for you (separate from your regular account, you won’t loose your original account)
  3. Be constructive, courteous, and helpful
  4. Are an experienced Evertale player
  5. Are able to play during the day in US time zones (so you can find matches in the limited beta).

Please post your friend code

We will post more specifics on which hours on which days we will have the first matches.


A wild evertale dev appeared!


Wild EverTale Dev used Teleport!

It escaped!


I’ll happily be a beta tester. Friend code in evertale is LM8W2RE I’m up at 8:00am (CST)

I volunteer as tribute

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The devs are alive!?!?! Whaaaaa

I’ll sign up. I am on ios and would be available on it whenever I am awake. (GMT+8)

If I’m on Nox or Bluestacks, I may only get few hours here and there. So i prefer ios if possible.

My friend code is 6429X5P

I’d test if it were ios, but not going to get an android emulator, sorry!

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My friend code is: 86QF826

W545EX2, thanks.

I would like to test too. My FC is 72JH7QP

I would be thrilled to test this, thanks for the opportunity!

Friend Code: VEPMXJ0



We will soon have that tournament after 2 years . Get ready champion

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As Evertale discord moderator, is kinda funny it could be true.