Pvp monster devolve to lower form

When doing pvp the monsters that you catch in the world like the lightving, that bear thing, or other monsters you capture, revert back to their devolved form during pvp. They still remain the same lvl but are lacking the skills gained by their evolutions, I’m assuming this is a bug and not intentional.


Same for me.

Yeah same. Figure either a glitch. Or meant to happen. Hoping the former!!

Same; if it is on purpose it is really decreasing the fun of PvP!

Same thing for me, it’s quite annoying, although just faced a player whose lightning was actually evolved in pvp but mine was still devolved

yes,I agree with you ,this is a big bug。 pets sometimes do not have their skill that they have studied。

It’s clearly a bug and not intentional. @Evertale can you take a look?