PVP closed earlier?

only 6:43 PM , only loading couldn’t start PVP

got 29 wins.

just one more ==

I was totally at 29 also and the last almost hour I couldn’t play! Just kept “loading” and then kicking me to the main screen. Such rubbish

Yeah, sorry guys. I’ve noticed that for me, the event starting and ending times are one hour earlier than what they display, guess it goes for you too. My condolences :frowning:

They have 2x downtime and i have some problem finding match

It seems we had a problem with this. The server had an outage right near the end. If you encountered issues related to that that disallowed you to get your last couple of wins needed to claim the rewards, please contact us at shopsupport[at]zigzagame.net

I’m at 23. Too much problems with pvp right now. It took a long time to find a match. I suddenly got “defeated” in the middle of match. But I believe dev always improving the game, and I feel the pvp have a lot of potential to be fun :slight_smile:

We will re-open pvp for 1 day! Details to be announced in the game soon.