PVP Bug Reports!

No bro, nothing monster have sleep revenge before… This bug make runedragon Its more powerfull than lemon bro :joy:


I used my fox to stealthbane orca.

Interesting. What enemy monster did you kill?
Can you give me your friend code and the opponent’s friend code?

this 10 sec sp is hell
they are more prone to auto skip bug
happen to me 5 times already

you guys should fix pvp first before making this kinda special rule


Sorry dev, i am forget opponents friend code :disappointed:

any one having an issue where angelion gets like 1-2 kills and his blood move is still not charged?

PS. No APs were present on the team at that time.
happened several times

asking for a friend

its first of its kind, so bugs and errors should be anticipated, hehe
although i hate the rule in self more than the bugs lmfao

TU looks awesome
Doesn’t it

All thanks to the force skip bug
I managed to win somehow

But hope it doesn’t persist


Its alive

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Special rule right now is there should be no monsters with stun skills but I encountered many Pandemoniums in my battles earlier… Pandamonium has healing stun right??? Why are players able to use it?? i tried putting Tridrakhan in my FL & I can’t enter PVP so why are some players able to use Pandamonium???

It must be because he has “killer immunity” so it didn’t get caught by their ruling that banned all monsters which are treated as stun monsters. I wonder if maybe it doesn’t get filtered properly in the list view too.

Will the devs be able to fix it boss???

I’m curious about how the game determines if a monster is a Stun/Poison/Chrono etc monster.

I don’t think it’s tied to the moveset, since Ankoudragon wasn’t weak to Chrono until the bug was notified. Would it mean that a monster’s “typing” is actually manually coded, and Killer Immunity means that Pandamonium wasn’t given any “type” when created? The way the passive is coded makes me think it’s like that

Yes i was gonna ask the same
Pandamonium and his stun skill
Is playable

Thank you for reporting.
Pandemoniums has been banned from this special rule.


Right back at you! :wink: