PVP Bug Reports!

Was it a 1v1?

It was used to avoid last biter vs. last biter. Nowadays, this is still useful for conditions such as chocolate vs chocolate.

Anyone having issues connecting to the pvp? It says I am connecting to opponent, loading and then connecting to server and going back to the pvp stat screen.

Can anyone please tell me if pvp is working for them or not? Haven’t been able to access for 6 hours now. Anyone, please help a guy out.

Many players are not playing at the moment, it would take very long to find a match

That isn’t the problem. The game tells me if it can’t find players. It is finding players, or I think it is, and when it goes to the loading screen, it switches to the connecting to server screen and then takes me back to the find a match screen.

I was hoping someone could tell me if they can connect or not. If someone can, it is a problem on my end and not a server problem.

Try restarting the app. If it’s still a problem then contact support. There have been issues like this with a certain service provider. The issue is switching between the normal server and the PvP server. I believe it’s O2 that has this issue. If you need to contact support then give them details like your service provider. Good luck fixing it!

Welp. I just made an account here because i am having the same abovementioned issue. I am unable to find a match because when a player Is found (or at least i think so) i am bounced back to the main pvp screen.
Fortunately, i guess, no tickets are spent and no battle logs are registered, but of course, i, as a new player, don’t want to miss the opportunity to get at least a few rewards. So whoever could give me a hand, please help.

Edit: Update on my issue.
Now i seem capable of finding a match without bring bounced back to the main screen. However, once a match is found i become stucked in the loading screen. Waited like 10+ minutes and no further Progress were made on the regards of my match. Again, no log nor tickets consumed


I have the same problem.

No 1 happens to me a lot like my internet is very fiable and when in battle I get disconnected for no reason and I can’t get back to this battle.I’ve noticed It happens when I’m about to win and it is very fustrating to lose instantly knowing you were going to win

I just Played 2 times against dlgz oyo
Got twice disconnected, after reentering the Game, i lost 2-4 Monsters and i lost some turns too… I Never have disconnects…
It always happened after kearekushi enters and gave some turns

When Onyxia uses fatal sting on an enemy that is already poisoned it removes the poison. Can’t remember if it was a regular poison or if the enemy had a previous fatal sting already applied.

My rival added both shells next in my line three times in a row. How is the 2nd one being random??