Problem with six trials

anyone have a problem with six trials…yesturday i did one and finished it and when game came to conmecting to server phase game froze and i needed to restart and left me whitout monster…i tried next day again and it dont even wont to start…for 2 dayes now whenever i try it sayes unable to connect to server at this time…and evrything else is in order and connecting as it is intended…only six trials…any sugestion or news

Wait 24 hour

its been 3 days now and i still cannot connect to six trials and also to the 4 starter.

I had a similar issue yesterday with the labyrinth of the four guardian beasts. Completed the mission said I had gained monster but then game crashed and had to restart. No monster in bag on restart and have run the mission again today, completed it but no monster awarded this time. Any news or suggestions?