Cant activate any of the six trials

As title.

I go into 6 trials, i have 22 tickets available click them but none fight, never done a trial so its not a daily issue either.

No odea whats going on D: i want zombiedoggo D:

When you say “never done a trial” are you talking about that specific trial or literally all six trials you’ve never done one of those battles? When you play one it locks you out of all of the battles for 24 hours.

What message does it give you when you click on the button to enter? If it’s simply not letting you click the button then try going back to the start screen and clicking “go online” in the bottom right to reset your connection with the server. If that still doesn’t work, try restarting the app.

Never done any trial at all.

When i click an image there is just info specific about the monster but no enter button. Tried restarting numerous times :frowning:

You have to click the title (under the monster) to enter. We will be making this more obvious, thank you for the report.


Thank you that works! It would be nice to add something to make it easier to tell!

I didn’t realise the six trials had gone through a visual change. Now I go look at it, yes that is VERY confusing! Thanks @Kyte_Urisuke for making a thread on this so it got the Devs’ attention.