Possible to Receive Bluecub on A Different Save File?

Hi, I started one save file w/ Bluecub and then moved to a different save file and have used that as my primary save. But I miss Bluecub! Is there any way that I can get Bluecub on my other save file? Thanks!

No, only one per system. Not one per file

Ok thanks. How good is Bluecub in the later parts of the game? Would it be worth it to start over on the original save file?

I haven’t experimented with Coldheart yet, so I can’t answer the first part.

But what do you mean, start over? If you delete the original save file, the blue cub will be deleted with it. It’s not per save slot, just save file.

Sorry if I misunderstood, but I threw it out there just in case. :slight_smile: ;

Cold heart is really good

Coldheart is good…powerful attacks, able to damage multiple enemies.

There are many better ones out there though.

AHHH COLDHEART IS AMAZING. You should return to the file with it lol. its worth it.

If you delete the app and redownload it it may be possible to get the bluecub on the new file assuming that the offer is still active when you do, also this isn’t a guarantee its just a guess and may not be accurate, especially if you had icloud keep a save.

That’s how it works but then you lose all your progress

Its counter productive at best

I love It it is so impossibly powerful!!!

This. There are many powerful monsters that can crush Coldheart. Beastbane users, and powerful wind types do the job easily.

Cold hearts got some great offensive moves, but lacks a bit in the speed since his moves require so much TU!! 

Coldheart is very helpful I found in solo. I would recommend you go back to your first file. Unless you really do wish to start over.