[POLL] Training-Fruit Limitation

There is a limitation in the game, that everybody experienced who plays longer than, let’s say a year. Once the training fruits exceed 99/100, you cannot start most events anymore, until you sold the fruits down to 99. That’s an annoying procedure for many players.

This problem was mentioned over and over again, but I never saw a solution by the devs.

To just raise the number isn’t a good solution in my opinion, because that will just lead to the same problem at a new limit value.

I thought that the best solution would be an unlimited storage amount or an auto sell option that sells all excessive fruits.

This features doesn’t give any disadvantages to the developers and doesn’t interfere into any payment system/method, so I think the devs will be willing to optimize it.

What are your opinions? I’ll give a few choices, if your preferred option is not in the list, please write it into the comment section.

You can choose multiple options.

  • unlimited fruit storage
  • higher fixed fruit storage
  • automatically sell excessive fruits
  • no change
  • other option (comment section)

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Higher lvl, higher storage


It used to store only 9 or 10 back in the old old days

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Unlimited storage at the same level you hit max Team Cost

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Make a fruit stall.

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Does everyone have the same 99 fruit limit (even at low HR)?

If so, I think it’s fair to sell excess ones. Anyone who wants to use them can learn to do so before they reach the limit and it takes away all the inconvenience for players who just need to sell to stay below the cap.

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Make randolf hold the extra ones for you. What else is he doing realistically after you pass hero rank 150 or so @Dev_VKC

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exchange fruit to gems.
50 fruit for 2 gems

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I have 1,3m friend points and I can’t imagine how many gems I would get from that

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