Please is this a glitch?

One of my monsters has run out of training days. (Goldram). I was to use some of my blue+green fruit that I have on her. I tap monsters, then I tap Add Training Sessions. This is where I was told to do this. Only 3 of my 14 monsters are listed here. The 3 that are there don’t even need more training sessions yet. What am I to do?? 

they are only listed if they both:

* have run out of training sessions.

* are not maxed out in stats.

the ones not showing up most likely dont fulfill one or both of those requirements, and if not, something would be malfunctioning, yes. if so, a screenshot would be helpful. :slight_smile:

I will add that they won’t show up if they have 60 training sessions on them, since that is the maximum a monster can have.