I don’t know how to get the attention of them but the Friend Monster issue is starting to get really out of hand! Every single time it just completely skips the choose friend monster screen and it’s getting ridiculous, it’s been like this for 2 weeks!!

I can choose from the friends I have in my list, but no new suggested friends. Anyone else having trouble with this?

I’m experiencing this as well. Have been for like a week.

Hi! Reports of this issue with friends have been trickling in, but we haven’t been able to confirm it for ourselves yet. Can you please tell me what devices you are using?

Alcatel one touch fierce.

Friends list is totally screwed up - iPad and iOS on iPhone 6

You don’t even get to select them. Ow sometimes and when you do it’s from like 12 instead of a bunch of pages

iPhone 6s Plus - it doesn’t even let me choose from my friends!! It just completely skips the page and goes straight to the battle

Ipad IOS 9.3.2

hauwei p8

sometimes it works but then the next battle i can only choose from like 3 friends or i can’t choose at all it just chooses itself

I wouldn’t mind so much if it at least chose itself but it’s literally choosing no one and all I’ve got is my own team :weary:

Same for me… I play on a Huawei Honor 6

Thank you for the replies! We will investigate this issue as soon as we can. It may take us a while, as it appears to be a pretty tricky bug. We can only ask for your patience!

It seems to have sorted itself out a little bit!