Is pegahoof a online mission reward past or future or can It be obtained not from an egg?

pegahoof is the first form of pegasion it was a OM already but u can get pegasion in eggs

Honestly, It really isnt even that good. It is nice to have in game but for pvp it is pretty useless. 

Its good for setting up the stego/charc combo (which people will hate you for) and on some occasions maybe sendback an ark to make room for a heavy hitter or so but nowadays it seems so outclassed by recent OM arks.

Pegs is an awesome pvp ark and it will only get better as new om arks come out… You can use it to set up many different strategies in your lineup and defend against bad match ups with it or use it to purify now that osiriswyrm and scorpionix are out. It’s the only ark with sendback which is extremely strategic. I would recommend getting it if you can, you will love it when you get deeper into strategy in pvp. And no I don’t use steg/char :slight_smile:

I love pega even tho I don’t have her

Whats that?