Online server problem

Is it really happening to all or it’s just me?The online server is not connecting since few hours.The Dev’s cooking something? Someone explain me guys.neomonstersneomonsters

I cant connect either server must be down

Yeah, I am also facing the same problem…

Sorry for this issue, we are currently looking into it!

This is the second time this month or something


me too. i also cant go online

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I can’t connect too :thinking:

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Please,Fix this problem ASAP…

Any idea how much time it will take?

Same problem here since 9 am CET. After 3 hours problem remains the same

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come on devs. fix your servers already and give everyone 10 sorry gems. and when will the servers be back up they have been down for the past 4-5 hours

Yea. Everyone is so bored were complaining on the forums. Fix the game to keep is quiet!

Devs are driving with there New Cars…so They have no Time to fix this. Hope everyone unterstand this!

Servers have been fixed now.
We are sorry for the issue,
and compensation gem is coming to everybody’s reward box.

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Down again for me 2 o clock CET

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