Online section blocked

Hi, I am getting a message when I try to go online that says the online section of the game has been blocked. I can’t think of any reason why this would be. Does this mean that my account was banned for some reason? I’ve done nothing that violates the TOS. I have only played the game normally as it is intended to be played. 

It has been two days, though. I am missing my login bonuses and my tickets are being wasted…

Hmm I think you have been banned o.o

I don’t know what I would be banned for. I didn’t do anything. I’m still pretty new to the game. I haven’t bought a single egg. You’d think if I was cheating I would have spent some gems at least.

Still cannot connect. I emailed support three days ago and have not heard back. I’m missing out :frowning:

I am blocked from online server

Did you hack?

I am blocked from neo monster without any reason plz unblock me

If you hacked, then your account is going to be banned because the developers have zero tolerance for illegitimately obtained stuff. If not, then you’ll want to contact the devs directly with your problem, either by sending them a pm here(this would be the guy you want: by messaging them on Facebook.

My online section of neo monster is blocked