One on One inconsistency


So I have a thought.

Why does 1-1 not sleep enemy camoflage monsters? Because they’re immune to AoE effects of course.

So why does 1-1 affect your own camo monsters? Shouldn’t they be immune to AoE effects?

If 1-1 can affect your own camo monsters, it it should affect your own sleep immune monsters.

Bracing for hatred for Gyo/Bunker abusers


I have the same question except for Tezca’s devastate.

If your own camo monsters were immune to devastate it would straight change the game for Tezca @Dev_VKC


Does poison gas work on your own camoflage monsters?


Why yes it does @RAF_Retributioner


Interesting. That too seems inconsistent.


Good point. I was asking myself where is the logic behind that. I would like the hear the explanation of the devs


Camouflage only works against the enemie’s aoe’s lol if id would negate your own 1-1 emeraldeus or onigeist would be broken


Sure. But one could argue that Stratus Bunker Angelion is also broken, then.

I think the subtext of what you’ve pointed out here is that making your own team susceptible to your own 1-1 prevents some pretty OP lineups. Emerald-Stag-Oni would be amazing. Maybe not quite OP but amazing.

1-1, Bunker, Gyo is immediate offensive sweeping power.

If you gave anyone a choice between those 2, everyone would take Bunker, Gyo, Angel over Stag Emerald 100% of the time.

I just want it to be consistent.


I would take stag emerald over bunker gyo


Well that camo is for enemies it seems,
It’s not a cloak or something like that , but just a visualisation.,
Coz my allies are known to me and I think it’s perfectly fine if camo monsters are affected by allies influence, that would be poison gas


Considering I’ve run Stag Emerald Geo Cosmo backstab into several roaring things and a shocker for a very long time, i think I can say, the sleep immune line is better unless it’s being run by a total P2W moron.


I would disagree here though.

One of these fronts requires time to do anything, the other doesn’t. If you manage to protect yourself from the 1 on 1, then the sleep immune lineup will do a lot better than the camouflage one.


I’m not sure what you mean.

In one scenario you have 1 sweeper that requires a link and death of a teammate to do a low power sweep. Or 200s death Mark.

In the sleep immune Gyo Bunker scenario can wipe out your first 5 in that time.