One on One inconsistency


So I have a thought.

Why does 1-1 not sleep enemy camoflage monsters? Because they’re immune to AoE effects of course.

So why does 1-1 affect your own camo monsters? Shouldn’t they be immune to AoE effects?

If 1-1 can affect your own camo monsters, it it should affect your own sleep immune monsters.

Bracing for hatred for Gyo/Bunker abusers


I have the same question except for Tezca’s devastate.

If your own camo monsters were immune to devastate it would straight change the game for Tezca @Dev_VKC


Does poison gas work on your own camoflage monsters?


Why yes it does @RAF_Retributioner


Interesting. That too seems inconsistent.


Good point. I was asking myself where is the logic behind that. I would like the hear the explanation of the devs


Camouflage only works against the enemie’s aoe’s lol if id would negate your own 1-1 emeraldeus or onigeist would be broken


Sure. But one could argue that Stratus Bunker Angelion is also broken, then.

I think the subtext of what you’ve pointed out here is that making your own team susceptible to your own 1-1 prevents some pretty OP lineups. Emerald-Stag-Oni would be amazing. Maybe not quite OP but amazing.

1-1, Bunker, Gyo is immediate offensive sweeping power.

If you gave anyone a choice between those 2, everyone would take Bunker, Gyo, Angel over Stag Emerald 100% of the time.

I just want it to be consistent.


I would take stag emerald over bunker gyo


Well that camo is for enemies it seems,
It’s not a cloak or something like that , but just a visualisation.,
Coz my allies are known to me and I think it’s perfectly fine if camo monsters are affected by allies influence, that would be poison gas


Considering I’ve run Stag Emerald Geo Cosmo backstab into several roaring things and a shocker for a very long time, i think I can say, the sleep immune line is better unless it’s being run by a total P2W moron.


I would disagree here though.

One of these fronts requires time to do anything, the other doesn’t. If you manage to protect yourself from the 1 on 1, then the sleep immune lineup will do a lot better than the camouflage one.


I’m not sure what you mean.

In one scenario you have 1 sweeper that requires a link and death of a teammate to do a low power sweep. Or 200s death Mark.

In the sleep immune Gyo Bunker scenario can wipe out your first 5 in that time.


If you want to talk about the logic behind it I feel like there is a core difference between camo and sleep immunity, or any immunity for that matter. Camo is an ability that translates that the mon can hide itself from attacks that target multiple monsters. Lets just say that if an enemy uses an AOE it has to focus to hit 4 monsters and because its focusing so hard the mon with camo is able to hide, thus succesfully dodging the attack. If a mon with camo is the last mon remaining it gets hit by moves that would normally target more monsters because it is not able to camouflage itself when the attacking monster goes for the attack, because there are no other enemy monsters the attacking monster has to focus on, so all the attention goes to the camo mon. Now if you are on the same team as a mon and you use something like deathmatch mode, with your own bovolcus, the bovolcus knows exactly where the teammate is, because they are on the same team and therefore should have a strategy planned out. The same goes for positive skills that target teammates like purify and (risky) heal all. The monsters that use these moves know where the camo mon is hiding so they can target them.
As for sleep immunity, I feel this is a core feature that makes a mon physically unable to fall asleep. The sleep immunity also stays intact if the monster is the last one remaining.



To me it makes sense, if the 1-1 was castes by you then it will hit your camo monsters. Sleep immune is different though. The monster is immune to the status effect even if it was casted by you like 1-1 or sleep bomb etc