OM prize monsters

so, I finally got my first set of OM prize monsters and now have 3 Windras to make a Triphoon.  does it make a difference in the end result  stat totals of the level 99 Triphoon if I fuse the 3 Windras at level 1 vs fusing them each at level 99?  I have seen in other online games where there is a boost to the final monster if they are fully leveled first, and others where the final monster is the final monster regardless of where the original feeders stood.

just wanted to check before making a change I couldn’t reverse.  thanks!

it matters to an extent, but not in a way that really matters. the finished triphoon will be on the average level of the 3 windras, but youll have less levels to get either way.

the difference that is a bit more impactful is rarity/rank.

thanks but that doesn’t really answer the question I am asking.  does it have any affect to the actual stat categories such as HP, Strength, Speed, etc is what I am looking to find out.   the grade is already fixed since it is an OM prize so everything is already an S.

The levels do not change how good the final outcome of stats will be

that is what I was looking to confirm.  thanks drybones!