DC !

Thank you !


I lost a few wins bc of a disconnection too, but I also lost my larger winstreak to a regular loss.

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Ye But there is no necessity to be this strict in terms of DC’s . Like my heart sank to the abyss now . Oh well , maybe next time . I got 60 win rewards anyways

Yep, the same thing happened to me :sleepy:

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Same here. Requiring a 110 winstreak for a reward is ridiculous when there is a chance that the game will just kick you out and give you a loss at any time for no reason

You kinda have to be this strict or it’s abuseable.


Maybe just make a 13th floor with 20 battles that are “Hell Mode” in difficulty and give the icon reward for that. The 60 wins for gems is no issue even if you get a disconnect it’s a reasonable number to get back to.

Where are you guys from? South America?

I don’t think the wifi is bad there, maybe in Guyana yes but not anywhere else.
I don’t think this is the game’s fault.

I live in cuba because I’m in TNC

That’s not how it works :joy:

I live in Cuba.

This thread’s title


I’m from a place called Xi’anliangchufradesol , a remote village in Nairobi . Mostly a chinese colony controlled by North Korea


10 gems for the guy who read the place name correctly



Ne hao?

I don’t see that place on the map, and Nairobi is in Africa, but still even the wifi might be atleast 10mbps there

Wo heen hao! Ni hao ma?

You are mistaken , 10mbps is a boon for us . If I had that speed , id be streaming my pvp . Also I’m not chinese descent…My family origin is in Afghanistan .


Darn bro, I know how you feel,I came from a country in south america called “Guyana” the wifi there was 13kbps-2mbps max. Im glad I came over here, now i have 200mbps wifi STONKS.

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That’s great ! But I can’t get any good wifi anytime soon but my Uncle who is a Bulgarian is trying his best to get me into an American school through his wife’s sister who currently lives there . Hopefully , i can finally feel that mythical 200mbps :heart_eyes: