Obtainable Support monster? And Location?

Cant seem to find one. Thanks for the feedback

Support how? Healer, poisoner, stunner? What do you mean?

Healer. Sorry

Well lets see, there’s griffy from the desert island. Go down from the second warp town and cross the bridge.

There’s also Moji. Moji isn’t as strong, but he only costs one point. Can be found on the first island all the way at the end.

 I use Goldram, but I’m not sure where to catch it. 

These three use sacrificial heal all, as well as purify to cure any poison or sleep.

There are other heal monsters that either have risky heal (Heals 1 monster but has a 60% chance of killing the monster doing the healing)

Or sacrificial heal (Sacrifices last monster in team to heal 1 monster)

Musharoo only costs one point to use with sacrificial heal all and purify, can be found around beginning of 2nd island

Anyone know Rhynobrawl location?

Never mind. I found him on 2nd island straight down from the starting point.