Number of monsters.

As mentioned in the title, I can know the amount of monsters you have. Just either like the post or ask in the comments and I will guess the number, without error.
x = n° of monsters

x>1: @Tanbeer @NMEduck

Haha.How many Monsters I’ve got?

Can you PM your complete monster roster?


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You need a nerf.

You have all the monsters except the ones not released yet and the first year festival monsters.

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Also Yang

Same here.


so uh what’s this about?

You have monster, many monsters… Yes, I see them… Monsters, and monsters, and monsters… What’s that? A Canishogun, hmm? And three 4★… They’re fire? Oh yes, they’re fire element… What? Why 4★ have so much attack? Oh my god… What’s next? AP Spam? Bomb+Flocco? God save us… I see a dark future, your monsters are evil and tainted… No… It’s the user… You’ve given in to the dark side of the meta…

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I hav rockiods tons and tons of them, I feed them steroniods this is the new meta…