No point to pvp after 30!?

Noted though I’m at 35 just because I’m bored and also about to hit 100

Make new teams and test them.

Test new strategies. Also, try to fight with top players, sometimes they can give some inspiration for new strategies.

Or maybe, you know, just because it’s fun. That’s kind of the primary purpose of these exhibitions, the rewards are just a bonus.

Rare gem(s) at 50 wins request for devs

I don’t know about that, the absolute maximum possible number of matches in three days is 48, plus the initial ten.

I have played just over 50 games.

2x rare gem at 45 would probably be fine, but really hard to get to.

Relax real pvp is only just about to be started

Getting to 45 would be 2 easy with people giving away free wins + dc issues.