No music/ major lag

I know I’ve said this multiple times and I apologize if it comes across as nagging, but I was wondering if there’s a way to fix the problem.

My music will not play when NM is open. I am using a S7, playing music on Spotify.
I tried playing the music first but the second the app opens, it stops the music.

Please check the dates on the thread before you reply to it, bumping old threads is bad forum courtesy. Just start a new thread if you can’t find one that’s both recent and relevant. As for your problem, have you made sure that the in game music is turned all the way down? This hasn’t happened to me, it’s possible that it’s only Spotify that has problems. try using your default music app(no idea what it is on your phone  :mellow: , just whatever your equivalent of iTunes is), and see if it works.