I’m not sure I’m in right section but it’s not really a bug so idk. I would love the ability to play my music on my phone while in the huntersisland app. Is there a way or does anyone else want this too?

I agree.

Am I the only one who can do this? I listen to my music while playing HI, always.

Start the song and then open HI. It works for me

That’s what I did but it stopped the song. 

Edit: Misunderstood, actually. I’ll try it correctly in a moment…

What devices are y’all using? The ones who can’t play music with HI.

Another question, for everyone this time: What are you using to listen to the music to? Your device’s music list, or a music app?

It does work if I have HI completely closed when the song is playing, then open it. 

Another user was having the same problem and said that method didn’t work for her either.

Method doesn’t work with a non-default music app

You guys are brilliant it works if I close HI start music and then start Hi. Works with pandora and regular music player. Thank you! Grinding just got 100 times better

It worked for me using Spotify.

I always used Pandora, so… haha ^^;

My music will not play when NM is open. I am using a S7, playing music on Spotify.
I tried playing the music first but the second the app opens, it stops the music.

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