New Rarity/Element

How about a new element…DRAGON!!!

Monsters of this element have “crystal stars” instead of gold ones that indicate rarity. In turn they deal 50% more damage to the basic elements with AoE and 25% less damage to Shadow and Holy while taking 25% less damage from basic elements and 50% more from Light and Holy. I even have a new monster of this particular elemnt :-


Rarity : 6 blue stars

AoE (dragon’s roar)
Piercing Crystal (reduces users Hp by 25% and deals critical damage. Instantly kills and ignores Hg and shields).
Crystal Explosion (kills ALL monsters on field)
Crystallite( affects one teammate. That lucky guy takes only 50% damage from attacks for 3 turns)

Crystal Armor (reduces damage from anywhere between 30-70%)
Stray Crystal (every time it gets hit by enemy has slight chance to deal 20% damage back)

Second Wind

Before commenting this is op keep in mind this is a 7-star monster of Dragon rarity

What would that do to all the dragons we already have? Also, something OP is OP no matter what its rarity is. That just means the heavy spenders could just kill everyone with the 7 star.

Charizard isn’t a Dragon-Type @Boiler

Ok so it is over the top. Should hav thought it through. End of discussion. Lock this