New events tomorrow?

What do u think guys? Tomorrow will be finish 3 events, we can get new upload tomorrow?

Whats ic bro? And i really hate elements chambers :frowning:

Island challenge Here is a guide to all the in game abbreviations.

Thanks jake :’)

Count lector? Preferably IC, or another showdown tower :confused:

Showdown? Damm… I want super Challenge xdd or ic

SCB is on May 4th :slight_smile:

Damn dude i love your youtube videos, also videos from TFA SKALUNATIC, so awesome :laughing:

Hehehe thanks bro i tryed to do some different like a all ppl :’)

Guess i was right, it was count lector, maybe the next would be IC

Thanks bro

Looks like we got a pvp arena.

So a new pvp, but no update?

Tower :frowning:

Tower is not bad, except the last floor, where you just get destroyed by any trainer.

I like tower.

Wish these events gave more xp than 100 per fight.

Wish this event didnt exist :v

Wish these events were possible without only sleep strategy, why not posion?its not great when only sleep can pass high lvl.
And I agree with saul,it would be better if we could get more than just 100 for each batyle

F2P Arash

SOTF has taken like 10 days of using your tickets and getting hardly no xp. Tower is the same. Really want 150 hero rank out the way

At least we have shortcuts with tower