Neomonsters Live Stream

This is the page I will update you on my streams using.

I will typically stream everyday there is a IC UC or PvP active

Next stream:

Feb 28th 11:00pm eastern

User: z19su

Going for rank #1

Please direct link :frowning:

I added the link for you :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for all of the support I got this event. Through my first 3 days streaming we got over 100 total views. I will be doing a final event stream later tonight to see if we can get to rank #1 live on stream please check it out!! it will be at 11:00 eastern time! After the pvp wraps up I will not be streaming until a UC IC or PvP is released.


Any possibility you could upload the recording to the channel?

good thing ic is in a couple of days then :wink: