Need to have wifi to do mission?

The online mission is truly online right? I mean, I must have a wifi connection to do it? Lol I work a double on Saturdays and if it is truly online, I’ll never get these monsters… Meeeeew… Lol no signal at work I’m afraid, even though I can play with my iPad there.

First and foremost…you can use an iPad at work? Sweet.

Anyways, they do indeed require wifi. But worry not! Eggs can be your friend at times, and they will most likely be available in the future~

That being said, sorry to hear that you’re at a slight disadvantage at the moment. and good luck with your egg spins! 

I can access woth cellular data (3/4g) its fine, you only need internet connection

Aye, but don’t want to use a ton of data, hmm?

It doesn’t use a ton if data, the info for it is under 5mb

If your on a WIFI network you won’t be using your mobile data, however if mobile data is all you have you don’t have to play on WIFI.

I don’t have mobile data, just wifi, lol I’m cheap