my mons don't have max speed even after ultra evolve. anyone know why?

Those monsters only reach the full speed stat if you train them after Ultra Evolution

Oh! Thanks a lot.

And congratulations, you have a really annoying monster called Lemon. Evolve it and use it in endgame

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Yup. But for newbie like me (~2 weeks). It’s really hard to collect ingredients. Imo will take month to evolve her

Bro I think you are hacking and capturing enemy monsters I have tried the hack myself you can capture max legendaries but with less speed and damage. Example in the SCB extreme 1 you see ultra evolved monsters but thier speed is decreased

So are you saying I caught demontoad in evolved form or are you referring to my legendary. Warithcaptian and emaraldus. (Cus speed problem is only with demontaod and electrichettah)

Only lengendry that caught was nexodrgo something that too in initial forms

Monsters you can catch in-game (Electricheetah, Thorhoof, Demontoad, Rosaqueen etc.) can be evolved even if they’re not 100% trained. If you do so though, their speed won’t be maxed out

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Yup thanks. someone told me earlier

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Oh sorry, didn’t see that


I’m the speed, bro

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You are ball

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images yes

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