Monsters 95, 103, 113, 134, 136, 138, 156 locations please

Please help with the locations of monsters above. Also any tips how to catch them without killing them?! 

Many thanks


95- North of herot, by the lake.
103- on the broken bridge in the badlands.
113- north east of maldan by the river
134- in the forest east of orlen
136- south of Finam by the lake ( look for the bump in the ground and search there by lake shore )
138- one spot above pyramid in the desert
156- in the mountains above windon. Low spawn rate.

Good luck! Some of these will need patience. You can also look at screen shots in the ark location thread

( forgot to add ) some may kill themselves, such as cherub. I would say maybe stun them without killing them or use lower leeks to weaken?