Monster List Filter

Can we a add a monster bonus filter? I think i would be nice or add it to the Order by option so you can order your monsters by the bonus they got


This is interesting. We will take a note on this.
Thank you for the suggestion.


Thanks for listening :+1:

I’ve been wanting this for so long! Thanks for making the thread @MementoMori, I hope it happens. It’ll be a great way to filter out the monsters I don’t use so much and haven’t potted so I can see the +5-6 monsters I want to find quickly. Right now I basically have to do it element by element or search for specific monsters one at a time.

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The same happens to me is a bit annoying

While we’re on the topic, when you search for a monster to share, can you change it so that it lists monsters based on stars and not how new it is to your account @Dev_VKC

This has always seemed silly to me