Monster Evolving of 5 Stars

Hello. I’m a player who would like to see His Initial Monster Evolve on the Stars Level 5 Ultra, but I have a special monster for it.

So I wanted to ask you / you how I get the monster “Moalith”.

It is there that the monsters come in a live mission.
I do not find this live mission.

And wanted to ask you now When this mission will come or where the mission is to be found.

Moalith gets rewarded in special events from time to time, so watch out for them. They get announced through the online-portal. There are also some special events where you can get Moalith as a challenge reward.

Does one know when this mission comes to get Moalith?

I quote a mod on this:

“Moaliths show up maybe, once a month I think? No need to worry, they’re quite regular, and they’re not going to stop coming. Although you’d better make sure your ticket cap is at least 30 by then, because that’s how much you’ll need in order to get it.”

So there are no set dates when they’ll come but they’ll come eventually.

We just wrapped up a Moa event 2 weeks ago I think so I would guesstimate another month.

Moaliths come from an event that happens roughly once every month ish, as boilertribe said the last one was a couple weeks ago so you shouldn’t have to wait too long for the next one relatively speaking.

They’ve also been available as high level rewards for some events in the past, so keep an eye on the rewards tables for one popping up.

Moalith came bot so long ago and will take time to comeback

I hpe it would