Met the old friend again~

Guess who? It would be Jooky Jooky again!
And just like before, he never knew how to set up his stego&char abusing team in a correct way lol~
But thanks to him giving pvp players such satisfaction by keep using a stego&char team and keep losing in stupid ways. I have to say he has contributed to the community very well!
But maybe he doesn’t need to disguise his front three lines to make ppl think it’s a ‘normal player’, because eventually ppl will find out and beat his team up… But still, thanks for giving so many players confidence by beating you up! Yeah, happy stego&char!!! XD

Been there done that!

battled him just now lol OWNED his Stego-Char combo :slight_smile: I scrambled his team came out Char no Stego just kept using the same move thanks!

haha same here the only stego/charc combo who still exist is jooky !

@byebye… unfortunately, he is NOT the only player that still uses the stego/charc combo…

jooky jooky… i encounted him so often… it’s not funny!

I know for a fact that he reads the forums. He set up his strategy the other day using all the stunners I mentioned that you wouldn’t ordinarily use (eg dullakhan). He set it up similarly to how I would have, however he still can’t ever use it correctly and lost. Since, I’ve seen him use at least 3 more combinations, all of which he has lost with. He just really needs to learn to PvP.

I think so… And many times he try’s to disguise his team by making the front line like another regular pvp team, but with Pegasion+flash bomber+knock back at forth and fifth place. Interesting trap, but it rarely worked for him. Although I am usually not so quick to realize, but as soon I smell something fishy I would start to counter. To be honest, although he uses like 10 arks for stunner support, his failure rate is the highest among all the stego&char abusers. So far I only remember lost to him once, but I don’t even remember how many times I won :wink:

Battled him twice today, indeed he still doesn’t know how to use the combo. He DC’d both times because I crushed his strategy.

Unfortunately there are still many players using the strategy. There’s a guy called Arvin 11, top 5.

Runs the cheap combo even though he has Kami, Destructor, SS.

If u guys are all in master league(correct me if I’m wrong), then he either wins some games to stay there, OR he DCs a lot.if u have beaten him as much as u say it sounds like he belongs in the rookie league lol

Well, not everyone can’t counter the stun strategy.

Also if he goes down to expert league is quite easy for him to get back into master league.

Unless he has a way of DC’d without getting a loss for that.

You don’t receive a loss for “DC”-ing in the first place (force quitting the app). So he never moves down.

Just faced him twice dc after I knocked back his stego then dc after I blood magic char and then metal slashed mine spider and stego lol

Crystal- does that mean that when pvp swapping with a friend, if I force close the app they do not get their diamonds?? Please clarify because I don’t want everyone on my friends list to hate me :wink:

If you force close the app, you receive no loss. The opponent, by default, wins.

But do not practice is too much because one of the things the devs trying to implement (dunno if it’s the next update) is to punish people that dc…

& do not exploit it for easy diamonds!!

I battled Jooky Jooky recently and did what I now do with all stego/charc users. I send them a message through the Game Center stating that the strategy is lame and not appreciated by other players. The result was that Jooky accepted my friend request.

“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. I’m not sure who I’m quoting but it must be someone famous.

Once someone is on your friend list, you can see when they are playing HI and then find something else to do.

Actually, I did the same thing… He also accepted me in friend list… Lol~
Although annoying indeed, guess he still has that sense of humor :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry Jooky Jooky :frowning:

Just battled him again.

I don’t even remember last time I lost against him and apparentely a lot of players always win too.

Can’t believe he is still using the same strategy.

How loser can one be?

Worse than using a cheap stun strategy is getting crushed even though you are using it

Maybe they’re doing it on purpose to make people happy >:c