Meme thread 2.0

As i dont want to spam the raf thread im making this topic, feel free to add your own memes (please only NM/community memes :v

Why cant we attack our own monster to wake it up???


I don’t know whats the problem with you Z19 guys., we don’t remember something that we did/say something bad to your clan.

we tried our  best to be friendly to anyone in this community… yet you are still attacking us like we did something terrible that affects you…

if it makes you all feel happy then we can’t do anything anymore, we don’t have any problem with you. you guys are too “perfect”, very popular and very powerful. . .

DISRESPECT is real in this community. . . Goodluck and have fun.

(I just hope that someday those attacks & criticism doesn’t return back to you)

batcop has nothing to do with this. .

Bringing up “disrespect” after backstabbing Zard. Pshhhhh get outta here with that. You’re a bunch of Geos.

Z19 GaryOak

This is going to be a fun thread to watch :blush:

Zard will return with the double retribution.

there is no problem lol, pretty sure most people with a sense of humor, can see that making memes about one and other is actually friendly :v, any ways, lets keep this as a meme thread (feel free to do z19 memes, we have a sense of humor)

When you backstab your own RevenZard he is reborn on the other team through Phoenix Revenge. Then he f*cks you with RevenZard Strike.

Z19 GaryOak

You guys are toooo funny  :lol:

PvP me right now when you’re ready talk to me in line.

Long live Zard…

Scumbag Geo.

Ive got plenty, but ill start slow

Enjoy your memes,this forum isn’t a good place to be in anymore,goodbye for ever,and again ENJOY

didnt want to use this one so soon, but oh well


All traitors who backstabed The Almighty Zard will get his death revenge triggered. Long live F2P (Free to pay).

Thankfully for RAF I’m not a vengeful moderator or person.