I’ve been up and down azid ziggurat and I can not find one! This has been going on for DAYS. Any advice?

Keep looking.Theyre very rare.

Keep in mind youll need 2,one for Barricadus,and one for escape.

And,its Metallo,not metalloid.

There spawn rate is low. Like rexys, musharoos, and nilos. You just need to keep looking and eventually you will find one.

Ps. Make sure they don’t sacrafice themselves. I believe they can so be careful. Id recomend having a lower level ark to damage and then a higher level ark to raise the capture rate. But at the risk of sarcrificing you may not want to do that. I don’t remember the catch rate with just a high level ark. So be on the safe side and bring. A lower level ark and check the rate if too low, damage but if not catch.

Happy Hunting

It suicides when you hit its teamates