Madame Sariel Uvestra

Hi whoever may see this I’m quite a noob at this game I’ll say,after going through the leagues rather quickly I have spent around 20 in-game weeks trying to defeat Madame Sariel Uvestra. I’ve tried ALOT of different team variations and I’ve came agonisingly close to beating her but I’ve always lost. These are all the monsters that I have got could anyone give me help on anything to help me beat her. Thanks in advance for any help given.

Can’t exactly remember her lineup but:

-Use Earth monsters
-Don’t use water monsters
-Fully train your troops (this helps a ton).
-Viridizaurus on last team slot

I recently started a new game and will soon reach her fight so if these tips won’t help I can post a more specific team.


Hello. Welcome to the game. Can you screenshot her frontline?? Thanks