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Can someone define new papua form

When you transform the pupupa in a battle it will be a 7-star mythic form instead of 6-star.


But if it is killed, a 5 star monster is summoned

Yep and it will come +9
Edit: Nvm it actually doesn’t come +9 -_-
@Dev_VKC make them come +9 with full speed


It’s amazing, our last update was really disappointing we only catered a few monsters with nerf and we didn’t see what has really been bothering the community, I won’t say anything plus . Long live Lemon and Broken TOXIC entrances


Moku and Tric nerf a day after the Moku and Tric banner, very classy…


I think they should’ve done a tu increase on orca’s raw killer moves instead of instant true hit. This still doesn’t solve the problem of orca entering the field at super high speed and killing everything with 42tu sweeping. I was hoping for a poison frontline nerf but I guess that’ll have to wait until they become the most used frontline.


I want tricaniun and moku get nerfed .and thx you dev :relieved:

can we nerf nefariodon and cynthia at next update :wink:

What?! Is this true?!?!??

Just tested. It’s not.

It came for me :thinking:
Edit: in shop lol

Which one?

Ah sorry they are only +9 in shop :v I was confused

Not when u summon

But why would they do that and not the while using them? @Dev_VKC wanna check this one?

Yeah they should come +9 :disappointed_relieved:

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can we pot pupupa? maybe gave them some pot reduce sec from Skill? :shushing_face:

When u summon them in battle…and also hello :slightly_smiling_face:


Nerf monstruos used by f2p , p2w don’t touch. I think

Change your team remove temporal and toxic. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:. Long life orca

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Did they tinker around with dmg numbers on a few skills? If so, that should be in the patch notes tbh.