language of monster analysis

I know that translating is quite difficult, and I understand that the story is only in English, but I think that the analysis of the monsters is a fairly important section, it gives a lot of information and helps the user to know more about the monster. It would be possible to translate this section. ?


Understandably, translation can be a challenge, but I agree with you that the monster analysis section is crucial. It provides valuable information and helps users learn more about these beings. It would be very beneficial to translate this section so that it is available in different languages.


@Killerdog how many languages do you speak? :rofl:

I know by personal experience how difficult proper translating can be and some more into several languages, it can become a costly task to translate hundreds of monster moveset analysis, that are also queued to change once a moveset adjustment is possibly made.

An alternative option could be an AI translation option, that would just cost the api usage. But they definitely won’t be as accurate as a proper hand made translation.

A third option could be a user translation system, where anybody can just translate and a supervisor will quality check. But that could also result in a mess once trolling comes into place.

And a supervisor for the supervisor to make sure the supervisor is not a troll

We need welsh translations!


Yes, it is true that the language barrier can be a challenge for many Spanish-speaking players. It would be great if gaming companies offered better translation of their content so that all players can fully enjoy the experience. Additionally, it would also be helpful to include more information in Spanish in advertisements and communications to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. Hopefully, in the future, there will be more attention to this aspect!


One possible solution to this is to have all the monster analysis also on the forum, where people can translate the page to get it in their required language. Some game terminology will not translate well, but hopefully they will be possible to understand.

I intended to do this but it’s a very time-consuming task. You can see the thread where I was doing this here: KD's Monster Analysis (also in-game)

That thread was the original one I wrote monster analysis, before it went into the game. So it has some outdated analysis from long ago. I figured out the way I wanted it structured in the first few posts and to add the little monster image with the analysis, but didn’t go more than the first bit.

Would this be a good solution for Spanish and Welsh players? If so, I can finish off that thread at some point.


It would be a way to access that analysis, in the forum it is translated directly even if there are spelling errors, the best thing would be in the game, but if that is not possible I would at least be happy if I can access the analysis in the forum

pls add klingon also.

I’d like to see the history of every monster, just like it’s been done in Dota.
We complete “Bond Quests” without really knowing the monster :sweat:

i could translate english to spanish 100% Ive done all my studies in english since elementary still going for a masters in biochemistry. My first language is spanish


I would be willing to do it for free if the community wants me to too


Same goes for me and the Italian language, if necessary :pray:


i can translate it into Scottish. (but not Gaelic)


quickly you can use the Google translate and then go correcting slowly the translation

Just click the analysis, take a screenshot and run it on Google lens under translate, works well enough for you to understand the language.(Works nearly perfectly, atleast when I’ve used it sometimes)

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