Killing the enemys last monster with my last monster and i lose???

So i was playing episode 15 united we stand and i got me and the enemy down to our last monsters. The enemy had serapheon and i had icehide. My icehide was poisoned at 3/4 hp and the enemy serapheon had the same amount of hp but wasnt poisoned. I used blood crave and got it to its hold ground while getting icehide dangerously low. Serapheon still had around 100 tu left after blood crave and so i just used time strike to finish it off. After finishing it off, i was sure i won that match, but my ice hide dies to the poison after killing the serapheon and i lose… i killed the serapheon first and my ice hide dies to poison after and i lose!!! Ive been stuck on this level for days and to see that loss just made me so mad.
Please tell me this is a bug…

Once on UC i killed last monster with my last monster using bloodcrave and still lose the battle cus my monster dead too with recoil …like u said never hapened to me maybe its a bug idk

Thats lame… lol