Given new evidence that has come to light regarding Jasmine/Shuyler’s treatment and deceitful behaviour towards Squinty i have had no choice but to remove him from EMI.

EMI is accepting of people regardless of their race/gender/orientation or any other sort of labelling. It is not accepting of those who mistreat others through lies and manipulation.

and for the record catfishing is a definite no-no.


thats nice dear.

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I’m gone for two days and the forum becomes a discussion of sexual orientations :rofl: can someone update me :no_mouth:

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Yes yes :joy:

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Me as well. I didn’t bother reading the original post but I just chimed in after being called gæ by @EMI_Eklypz


u da best gae! :kissing_heart:

for the record i am a proud Lesbican man!



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no context🤣?

does that mean i cant join EMI?

no. you can’t join because you are in a clan.