is the game zoomed in for anyone else

i updated my game and now im unable to play because its zoomed in

i also cant get past floor 8 badge 2 i beat her twice but it wont let me progress

Not sure about the zooming, but the showdown tower is bugged


What do you mean zoomed in? What phone are you using?
Do you have any screenshot? You can private message me.


I’m using a tablet

Wow what the heck!
Which tablet are you using?


ipad 3

image Same Problem here. Really annoying, I really would love to finish the Tower Event or play PVP but I cant do Sh*t. I’m also on ios.

Sorry for the issue, we are currently investigating the cause of this.

Could you let me know what device, and iOS version you are using please? Thank you

Think it’s something to do with scaling.

Here’s a pic of what it looks like on ipad pro:image

Do you always have this issue? Or this only happens after the last update (v2.3)?

Had it before. Screenshot is from anniversary.

10 in 1 Egg screen is also zoomed in, can’t get you a picture of that though unless you let me have 50 gems to do so with.

Mine has a similar issue but it only affects nova, it gets bigger everytime it gets hit or uses a move, doesnt happen always though. Will provide screenshots when it happens again

ipad 3 ios 8