Internetconnection not found

although i got a full wifi connection on my iphone it suddenly says in the game that it doesnt find a connection.
i restarted game and iphone but still same problem

thanks in advance =)

its not just you, likely they are working on something on the servers.

I am also facing the same problem. I also wasted my one key to play super sliver mine just before this problem.

Same with me, except for it was the youth fruit mission.

well, it was up again earlier at least, so should still be :slight_smile:

Same, at around 11:30 pm

sorry…didn’t see this one coming, gem on the way. 

I got this error just now after opening and winning the super fruit mission… I would have leveled up if the connection worked and been able to play the mission twice.  Now I get nothing for my tickets and key.  My internet connection is fine as far as I can tell. 

This is also a problem when the game quits because of an incoming call.

Is there anything you can do to refund tickets automatically under these circumstances?  Interruptions from lost connections and incoming calls are not uncommon and it is very frustrating when it occurs during an expensive online mission!