Infinite dungeon

How do you go in the infinite dungeon because I’ve heard a lot about it but I haven’t got in yet

Finish the game and use the black portal at The Tower.

Oh thanks found it

Do you guys know how often a checkpoint is in the infinite dungeon? I have only defeated the boss once and always lose my arks before I can defeat them a second time at level19

As I looked at them, they seem to be placed at odd number multiples. Ex. The first checkpoint is at 3, the next at 8, and the next at 15. It’s like after every checkpoint, you need to go farther to reach the next checkpoint. It starts at 5,7,9,11,13,15, and makes you go up more and more to reach the next checkpoint.

There’s a topic about how to calculate the checkpoints.

It’s when you get to about 800ish you struggle, take it from me!

yeah, Mechadino’s roulette sucks took out both of my cryowyrms in the same level about halfway between checkpoints. And then there are the accidental taps to the home button that instantly negate 2 hours of dungeon crawling.

I was about 20 levels off my checkpoint when the mrs wanted the ipad, happily give it to her for her to cancel the app off.
Needless to say I had to crawl back through 30 floors I had already done.
… Went down that night!