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Hello. I’m D3TR4KT1K#0983. Probably some users know me as NDLESPAÑA, from Evertale’s Discord server. I’m new in this forum. I don’t know how long the forum has been active, or if it’s still running, but since I’m formally a “helper” of the game’s official Discord server, and I’m the first and only native Spanish speaker who has gotten this far, I’d like to understand how the community outside the Discord server. Understand why people are reluctant to join the Discord server, or why communities are created on alternative platforms, such as Telegram or Whatsapp. I don’t know if commenting here is appropriate, but as I have mentioned, I’m new to this forum, and I think that doing it right on a platform created by ZigZaGame itself would be useful to notice this.

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Hey, welcome to the forum!

Technically this forum is used for two games: Neo Monsters and Evertale. However, the developers of Evertale prefer to use Discord as their main means of communicating and effectively as a forum for the game. You won’t really see them at all on here, but it’s very active for Neo Monsters here.

I can’t really speak for the Evertale community. In Neo Monsters most people use the forum but there’s also the Line app which English speaking players use to chat in groups then the Spanish speaking players do communicating on WhatsApp and the Chinese players use another app. They’ve created these to more easily chat in groups and otherwise have more personal conversations like one-to-one helping people learn how to play. Neo Monsters also has a relatively active Discord but I’m not on there so can’t tell you what that’s like.

Personally I think a forum is a much better place for the Devs to communicate with the playerbase, but Evertale has chosen Discord. Pretty much the only threads written here are people who have some game issue and need to contact support.

I don’t like how things get split over so many platforms. I’m not part of Neo Monsters’ discord because it’s just more than I want to be checking in on / managing. However, it does make a lot of sense to have chat groups for other languages because the forum only supports English.

I would like to know who to contact to join the WhatsApp group in Spanish @Killerdog

This is the thread to write in: Grupo en español!!


I see… well, we start to think if they are silently intentionally cutting ties with the Discord community. I don’t know… All the news is just from Twitter… and sometimes when a big bug affect the game, someone of the EVT team says “We are working on it”.

I think Evertale in forum is pretty dead :sweat_smile:
That’s why I recently joined Evertale discord :slight_smile:

Did anyone Evertale you that you could email Zigzagame directly?

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