I feel stupid asking but where is yelan temple?

I’m having trouble finding it. I go west but there’s just a mountain. Can someone screenshot it for me please

Temple? Do you lean the cave

I can’t remember doing a temple tbh hah
SOZ for the lack of knowledge hahah

It says head to the yelan temple which is west of kellekton or whatever the town is called and you’ll find the guy underneath it in the cave. It could be the cave but that’s southwest, not just west and it doesn’t look like a temple either

U go to the town farthest east in the ice area then u should see the story thing on top of a place looking think and there lies the helm temple

If this isn’t what ur looking for just msg me and I’ll give more informational description
Listen to pocketninja xD I have only played for a week I rushed through the game twice

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When you have gone the furthest west that you can, you have to go north and follow it around. I had a similar problem. If you go to one on the bars, the customers will tell you.

Go west of balek its that cave