How to participate in Alliance War?

I’ve just joined a new Alliance. The Master said that participating in Alliance War is MANDATORY.

The problem is I really don’t have time for a timed event like this (for example both Raid start during my work time so I barely can participate)

Still, the Master said that if I can’t act actively that day I can just put your Platton to defense. So I think there is still a chance for people like me.

But I don’t know how to “put my Platton to defense”. I enter the alliance war, tap on some buildings but I’m stuck on what to do next. The 5000-word in-game guide is useless. I can put my Platton to defense at anytime of the day, right?

I can’t remember the exact timings (they recently changed) but it all starts with a “declare phase” where alliances choose which castles they are attacking. I think after a castle your alliance controls has been declared on then you can assign your platoons to defend it pretty much any time between then and the “battle phase”, which happens in the evening.

So there should be a fairly big window of time during the day for you to place your platoons to defend, which is what the alliance owner is referring to.

During the battle phase you can place things a second time, but if you’re not available for that then don’t concern yourself too much.

Please forgive me if anything I said here is slightly inaccurate. I don’t have an account on Evertale but my girlfriend is a veteran player who is very keen, so I learn it all through her.

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I’m in the declaration phase and it WILL not give me any options to attack or defend.

Has your alliance got any declares left? You will only have a certain number of them to use. Also, declares might only be possible to make by the people in the alliance with special roles (I don’t know about this, I know about Evertale but not some finer details).