How to get the mob penguin

Hey everyone I’m new to the game and was just wondering some things. 1. When can I get the mob penguin 2. Can I get the dark Mage from the fist app in the new hunter island app?

Answered in Chat, but I’ll post it here.

  1. Look for a tombstone in Orlen. It’s small and hard to spot.

  2. Tap on it.

  3. It should ask you for a code.

  4. The code is “Dragon Island”

  5. Enjoy your new S Penguini!

Lol I tried looking everywhere for the tomb but I couldn’t find it

It’s here everyone!

OMG thank you!! I went all around Orlen lool

U could actually post the code?lol, i think if they bought DIB and s aw it would be better

Its step four on Zoros post, Elven…

I toed dragon Island and it said nothing happened and I don’t have don penguin

You go under this thing in the market place and then there’s a code and why did you tell the code remember when penguin was secret

Here is how you find Penguini:

You are going to need a piece of paper, a pen, and a shovel

Write down on said piece of paper this code EXACTLY: dragon island

Read that off of the tombstone

Start digging

Penguini was only a secret 2 weeks after the game came out,and Cheese,im sure you weren’t playing then.

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